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Helping you to achieve a healthier lifestyle of wellbeing for a wholesome new you.


You can change your life and we can help you. Whether you want a better body shape or an improvement to your health or - both - Health1st is the place to be.

Health 1st Wellness Clinic specialises in helping people from all walks of life and age groups achieve Wellness through healthy eating.  We offer a fantastic range of weight loss and wellness healthy eating plans, information, food, cooking class, recipes and workshops to get you on the path to a better  life and lifestyle.


If your aim is to help your body heal and protect itself naturally, we have the tool to help you achieve your goals. Many ailments - even serious ones  -  can be prevented or improved by good nutrition planning.

Our plan is based on good nutrition planning that won't make you fill as if you are on another kind of diet. Even if you are already healthy well done! But to continue on this path to wellness, we have specialised diet plans that can help you to improve your health, lose weight and have more energy

You can get the help you are looking for because we will support you all the way to help you achieve your goals either on our: 


- One on One consultation- As not all plan fit all


- On line Membership support - So you get your support at the comfort of your own home.


- Food delivery service and cooking classes - We will teach you how to cook cheap healthy meals and on your busy days, we can even cook your meal and get it deliver to the confort of your own home- so no hassles!


Let us help you improve your health, lose weight and have more energy.

Become a subscriber to our pay- as- you- go diet plan resource and information, also take the opportunity to join our free newsletter. And remember — we are here to support you on your journey!



 With Health 1st Wellness plan, you can lose up to 10lbs per month.


Before and After using the Health 1st plan


Lose up to 10lbs a month


"Let us help you put your body back into balance"


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On our forum you will find lots of interesting stories and advice about dieting and healthy eating.


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Register with us for our  professional advice on weight loss and wellness plan. We look at you as an individual and plan a healthy meal, teach you how to cook for your wellbeing without missing out on your ethnic taste. We have a specialise weight loss plan for African, Afro carribean Asian..... who wants their weight loss plan base on food from their culture.

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