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“The greatest wealth is health”

Virgil, Roman Poet


This famous quote sums up how importantly we should all view our health in today’s fast paced world. We encourage health and wellbeing to take priority over everything going on in our busy lives, and that taking control through healthy living will change your complete outlook and frame of mind and leave you feeling extremely positive and happier!

At Health 1st we believe that most of today's modern day degeneration and mid life illnesses like some Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Auto immune diseases; Lupus (SLE), Fibromyalgia, to name but a few, are mostly determined by what we inject into and eject from our body. However the body can heal and protect itself if you eat the correct nutritionally balanced food.

Our approach guarantees improved health and weight loss - we will help you get your body balance right.

Getting on the road to better health is easier than you think with our range of Weight loss and Wellness programmes, workshops, recipes and cooking class services. Please get in touch with our expert team to discuss how we can help you achieve weight loss and Wellness through healthy eating and a better lifestyle.

Our Food

Did you know that your body can heal and protect itself if you eat the right food, To eat healthy, does not mean you would have to eat like a Rabbit!

At Health 1st we are passionate about what goes into the body as a whole, and believe that eating a well balanced diet will bring benefits to all aspects of your life. Diet is also an important influence over the condition of our body and skin — this is where our expertise can help you.
We will develop a specialised food plan that looks as you as an individual. Our meals will be packed full of foods that are rich in antioxidants that will help you lose weight and aid recovery if you are ill. Whilst we specialise in preparing African, Afro Caribbean and Asian style food, our plans are suitable for people of all age groups and ethnic backgrounds.
Benefits of following our healthy eating plan:


  • Boost energy levels
  • Manage any health concerns
  • Lose weight
  • Prevent premature ageing
  • Help fight off diseases
  • Improve the look and appearance of your skin
  • Be Happy.


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