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Welcome to our very first newsletter.
Health1st Specialises in weight loss and wellness. We help people from all walks of life and age groups to achieve Wellness through healthy eating and improving lifestyle.
Whilst we Specialise in African, Afro Caribbean and Asian diet plan, our diet plan are suitable for people of all age groups and ethnic background as they are tailor made to suite individuals.
In the coming months we will be giving you tips and information that can help you with wellness and weight loss.


Now let's start with the 7pillars of Health that most of us are probably familiar with.


- Water


- Exercise


- Sleep and Rest


- Eating Living Food


- Detoxification


- Proper Nutritional Supplementation


- Coping with stress.


We need to make sure that within our limited time we  to do all these things as they are really essential and important for our wellbeing.


There is no replacement for water, so many of us substitute cola, sodas, fizzy drinks, coffee, and tea, for water.


Water revised diseases, obesity, high blood pressure etc... while all these stuff dehydrates; water flushes toxins off the kidney and liver. ............read more please follow the link www.health1stwellnessclinic.com/forum





 Health benefits of losing 15lbs body weight.

 - Joint pain will reduced by 40%



 - Blood cholesterol goes down



 - Blood pressure goes down, that you may not need medication



 - Decrease in type 2 diabetes in later years



 - Your energy will improve to be able to do physical exercise



 - Your ability to fall asleep will improve



 - Improve your mood



 - Increase your life expectancy.





 Top tip:






Food for the brain, joint and a healthy heart.

-Oily fish










Omega 3 essential fatty acids found in oily fish is linked to improved blood pressure.- learn to love fresh salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardine, cat fish, . Note (Tin Salmon and sardine may contain too much salt).




Flaxseed is a good source of Omega 3(ALA) essential fatty acid used by the body and may help to maintain a healthy heart; its dietary fibre may help maintain healthy bowel regularity and may assist in lowering cholesterol.




You can easily order your flaxseed and other products by clicking this link: www.health1stwellnessclinic.com/shop




Other health benefits of flaxseed include:


- Weight management


- Improved Nail, Skin, Hair


- Digestion


- Circulation


- Cell formation


- Vitality.
































































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