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Welcome to our July newsletter.


In this issue, we will be talking about:

  • Body Shape 
  • BM I(Body Max Index)
  • How to take Charge of your health by evaluating your diet and lifestyle.


Body Shape - How to assess your body shape.


Body shape and weight provide a vital clues to your health. Body weight and height are associated with various health risks but this can be modified by diet and exercise.

There are two types of body shapes:

(1) . Pear Shape

(2). Apple Shape.


Are you an apple or a pear? 


People who tend to gain weight mainly in the abdominal region (a paunch or "belly beer") are said to have an apple shape. If you tend  to gain weight mostly on your buttocks and thighs (below your waist), you are said to have a pear shape.

The location of your body fat affects your health. If you are apple shaped (store fat above your waist), you are at increased risk for the health problem associated with obesity, including cardiovascular disease, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and that is because if you have abdominal (visceral) fat, which sorrounds your internal organs, their normal physiology is greatly impaired.

You cannot do anything to change being an apple or a pear - it is an inherited characteristic, however, you can limit its extent by controlling your weight and keeping it.

Having a "beer belly" is not a joke; a few extra centemetres around the waist may be a signal of bad thing to come. Hey don't worry, we are here to help you.

Measuring your waist is a simple way of checking whether you are an apple or a  pear  -  if you are at an increased risk of a certain disease.

A waist circumference above 94cm ( 37in) in men and 80cm (32in) in women indicates you carry excess weight around the middle, which increases your risksof developing high blood pressure, raised cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease. Men with a waist of 102cm (40in) and women of 88cm (35in) are at a higher risk.   


BMI (Body Max Index) - Are you a healthy weight for your height?


BMI  is calculated as a ratio of weight and height. It's a good way to check if you're a healthy weight for your height. 

BMI index provides a more accurate measure of body fat than weight alone, along with body shape; BMI assesses the risk of developing diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Accourding to UK guidelines, overweight people are those with a BMI of 25-29.9. People with a BMI above 30 are classified as obese and over 35 as morbidly obese.


Use our BMI Calculator on our website : www.health1stwellnessclinic.com to check the BMI for your whole family and find helpful information and advice.


Take Charge of your Health by Evaluating your Diet and Lifestyle.


  • Review your status: Look at your nutritional and lifestyle status, when you understand the connection between these and your health - make changes where necessary, if you are not sure seek for a professional advise and help.


  • Minimise Risks: Look at the current state of your health, understand it in context of your family medical history. Many medical conditions have a hereditary component, but you can minimize your risk of developing  the diseases by tackling the associated risk factors that can be modified by making alterations in diet, exercise and lifestyle.


  • Control Your Weight: Obesity increases the risk of several medical problems therefore, you need to control your weight. Not only does controlling your weight make you feel and look better, keeping your weight within limits decreases your risk of developing a variety of medical conditions including high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases.
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